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Animals seek shelter in your home to avoid Weather and Predators.
Mice and Rats can easily crawl through small openings around your foundation, crawl spaces, and garage and begin nesting in hard to find areas around your house. As you can see, in the photo on the right, the do-it-yourself fix doesn't prevent the problem. We make sure that these furry creatures don't come back.
These are examples of entryways that can be found around your house.

Rodents residing in your house can be just the beginning of your problems. Unfortunately, if a mouse problem goes untreated, this attracts snakes looking for an easy meal.
If the Bat scent is not neutralized after removal, they will continue to return.

Bats can easily access open vents in attics. The best way to remove pests is to keep them from ever getting inside your home. If you have these areas in your home,we can inspect for traces of bats, remove and seal trouble areas.

We take care of your bat problem so it goes away for good!
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Trees or bushes, close to your house, provide perfect cover for wildlife and allows for easy access to your attic and chimney.
If you have bushes that sit up close to your home or tree limbs that hang over your roof, be sure to trim them back to keep squirrels, raccoons and rodents from having easy access to your crawl space and attic. The best treatment is early prevention.
Here are some examples of where squirrels have gained access to an attic by burrowing between the flashing and shingles on a roof.
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