Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife Removal
Bat Removal & Mitigation
Attic Animal Elimination
Wildlife Solutions LLC specializes in removing skunks, raccoons, bats, squirrels, and any other types of wild animals that can do damage to your home, family, or business. When you call us we do a comprehensive inspection of your problem and find the best way to remove the specific creature. Once we remove the invasive wildlife, such as bats or squirrels for your attic or skunks under your house, we will work to prevent these creatures from returning. We will detect potential entry points for squirrels / raccoons and take the proper steps to seal and repair these areas. Also, we will advise you on potential attractants for wildlife, such as outside garbage / pet food and how to correct them. If you are experiencing any problems with wildlife, give us a call at 865-322-9690 and one of our wildlife removal experts will be happy to help you.
Rodent Control
Dead Animal Extraction
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